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MCERTs approval for Aquamatics new S300 Series   You are here: Home » News Detail

1st May 2007

MCERTS-approved and capable of housing a wide range of single and multiple container configurations in its large, fully insulated, refrigerated lower compartment. Aquamatics new S300 Stationary Wastewater Sampler Series has also been designed with room for mounting additional effluent monitoring equipment.

The S300 Series joins a long line of proven Wastewater Sampling equipment designed and manufactured in England by Aquamatic Ltd; the first company in the UK to gain MCERTs certification for its complete range of Wastewater Samplers. MCERTs gives surety to industry that wastewater sampling equipment meets stringent performance criteria set out by the Environment Agency in line with current international standards and the growing requirements of EC Directives.

Together the four S300 Series models provide for indoor and outdoor applications, with or without Sample Temperature Control. Incorporated within each model is the well proven Aquacell Module used throughout the rest of the acclaimed Aquacell Wastewater Sampler range. The S300 Series also benefits from an optional Pull Out Tray, enabling quick and easy inspection/retrieval of collected samples.

Rigorously tested to handle ambient temperatures between minus ten degrees to plus fifty centigrade, the S300 Series is suitable for almost any environment. Despite its many technological advantages, the brand new S300 Series represents the smallest cabinet-based Wastewater Samplers ever offered by Aquamatic Ltd.