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Achilles gives Aquamatic the leading edge   You are here: Home » News Detail

14th October 2013


Aquamatic Limited, established in 1991, is a leading manufacturer of automatic wastewater sampling equipment based in Manchester, United Kingdom. Its expert team brings more than 50 years of combined experience in the wastewater sampling industry

The Challenge

As a leading manufacturer of automatic wastewater samplers, it was essential that Aquamatic was easily ‘visible’ to any water company with a requirement for that type of equipment.

Prior to the start of asset management plan three (AMP3), Aquamatic became increasingly aware of the business benefits of the Achilles UVDB community. ‘Once we understood the potential advantages to be gained from Achilles UVDB enrolment, following our initial subscription in 2003, we’ve been on Achilles ever since,’ says Jeremy Smith, Managing Director at Aquamatic. ‘The Achilles communities and qualifications further enhance our company image and add to our already significant credentials, this means we are very favourably considered when being compared to even our biggest competitors,’ says Jeremy. ‘Achilles provides us with a great stage on which to tell those who are interested in us, what we’re about.’

The Process

‘Achilles made the whole UVDB subscription process very easy,’ says Jeremy. ‘We now see it as vital for attracting business in the water industry and since subscribing it has given us the confidence that our company and products will always be clearly ‘on the list’ whenever our type of equipment is being considered.’

Aquamatic has also been part of Achilles’ Carbon Reduction programme for two years and is the first manufacturer of wastewater sampling equipment to adopt the certified emissions, measurement and reduction scheme (CEMARS) accreditation, which, Aquamatic feels, provides added surety that they will be in a strong position for any of the tendering processes.

‘For good reason, we are finding water companies are increasingly requiring their suppliers to consider their own potential impact on the environment. As part of this, during the tendering process, we are regularly asked if we have a carbon reduction scheme in place. The Achilles Carbon Reduction scheme was very new for us and there was a large amount data to deal with so we had a lot of dialogue with Achilles. But its people are very knowledgeable and they made the whole process very straightforward,’ explains Jeremy.

Aquamatic also uses Achilles NOTiCE to proactively search for new business opportunities. The company regularly gets email alerts about relevant new contract opportunities in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) and forwards them to its network of distributors in Europe.

The Result

Aquamatic benefits from the knowledge that its profile and products are well represented on Achilles UVDB and also hopes to lead the pack with Achilles’ CEMARS certification. The advantages however do not end there:

Increasing efficiency. ‘Being on the Achilles UVDB avoids us and our clients having to cover the same pre-qualification questions over and over again,’ says Jeremy. ‘Some of the tender documentation certainly seems to be less lengthy than before!’

Great customer service. ‘Achilles have always been very accessible and supportive as a business,’ says Jeremy. ‘That isn’t to say we speak on a weekly basis, but as and when we need assistance, it has always been simple and straight forward to get it.’

Demonstrating credibility. Aquamatic is currently upgrading its website, on which it plans to prominently display its Achilles UVDB qualification stamp to demonstrate the company’s impeccable standards. ‘We now view the Achilles UVDB qualification stamp as one of the many strings to our marketing bow,’ says Jeremy.

Green light for business. Aquamatic’s CEMARS accreditation from Achilles not only exhibits its ambitions to manage its own carbon emissions and those from the supply chain but can also be a very positive attribute where a potential purchaser puts value on the environment around us.


“Achilles UVDB adds credibility to any company and provides Aquamatic with the ability to show

potential customers who we are and what we’re about, high quality products supported by a well

run company.”

Jeremy Smith, Managing Director Aquamatic