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Aquamatic Sampling the Cream of Yorkshire   You are here: Home » News Detail

25th September 2013

S320H at Arla Foods S320H at Arla Foods

Aquamatic Limited have supplied three automatic refrigerated wastewater samplers to Arla Foods Stourton Dairy. In addition to the samplers at various other Arla Foods sites, this latest trio of Aquacell S320H units are installed within Arla’s recently expanded effluent treatment plant which has just been awarded ‘Highly Commended’ in Yorkshire Water’s ‘Excellent Catchments, Rivers and Coasts Awards’.

Arla have increased the portfolio of products produced at the Stourton Dairy, which now includes not only fresh milk but also fresh and soured cream, crème fraîche, custard and cottage cheese. The addition of these new products has inevitably increased the flow through the effluent plant. However, by introducing new effluent treatment protocols and a water mass balance throughout the dairy, Arla reduced COD by 65% compared to 2011 levels. These impressive efficiency figures are evaluated by analysis of the representative samples collected and presented by the Aquamatic samplers.

Aquamatic’s S320H Sampler, like all units in the Aquacell range is MCERTs certified and has at its heart the Aquacell module.  Using a wide-bore vacuum pump system to the module automatically collects a truly representative sample from any given effluent source. Additionally the S320H features a robust and secure external enclosure, suitable for outdoor use. For effluents which contain organic compounds microbiological activity can rapidly degrade samples. Therefore the S320H includes a refrigerated compartment to minimise degradation whilst samples are being stored following collection.

Aquacell S320H units can be programmed to take samples either on a time basis, or in response to an external signal from a flow meter, level sensor or other instrument. Due to the nature of Arla’s effluent plant configuration, two of the three Aquacell units also incorporate Aquamatic’s Pressurised Pipeline Interface (PPI), a very effective solution when representative samples need to be collected from a pressurised effluent source. At Stourton Dairy, all three samplers have been configured to collect samples in proportion to the volume of wastewater flow through the plant.