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Automatic Effluent Sampling Part of Patak’s Push for Environmental Perfection   You are here: Home » News Detail

17th July 2013

S320H Sampler S320H Sampler at Patak's

Aquamatic Ltd, leading UK manufacturer of automatic wastewater sampling equipment, have supplied an outdoor, temperature-controlled, MCERTs Certified wastewater sampler system to Patak’s Foods, where it is being used to help monitor effective effluent treatment through Patak’s recently installed Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) plant.

Curry is Britain’s favourite dish and Patak’s, with its range of delicious curry sauces and pastes, has become a household name. As a successful family business, and now as part of the international AB Foods group, Patak’s has enjoyed substantial growth. As Patak’s has grown, so of course has its factory, leading to an investment in a high specification DAF plant from European leader Nijhuis as an important part of the company’s waste and effluent management strategy.

Nijhuis recommended that Patak’s brought Aquamatic in to provide the equipment to reassure them of the DAF plant’s effectiveness.Aquamatic supplied an MCERTs certified Aquacell S320H wastewater sampler to take regular, accurate, automatic samples of the effluent from the DAF plant prior to its discharge from site.

The S320H encompasses a robust enclosure, designed for use outdoors, with frost protection and temperature-controlled sample storage to preserve the samples taken prior to their submission for laboratory analysis. At the heart of the S320H, as with all Aquamatic samplers, is the unique Aquacell sampling module. The vacuum pump driven Aquacell module features a wide bore sample collection system that helps ensure that a truly representative sample is collected without degradation to the effluent itself. Together with simple set-up, rock-solid sample volume control and sample event data logging, the S320H enclosure includes two separate lockable compartments so that the Aquacell module can be accessed without disturbing the collected samples. Customers can choose from a wide variety of single sample collection vessels or built-in multi bottlers depending on the sample regime in use, with Patak’s opting for an integral bottler sampling into a set of twelve, one-litre containers.

Patak’s have also opted for an annual maintenance contract with Aquamatic, which comprises two site visits from an Aquamatic engineer per year to inspect, clean, lubricate and service the equipment, ensuring Patak’s have the peace of mind that the S320H will continue to help them protect themselves and the local environment long into the future.

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