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Aquacell P2-COOLBOX Perfect for ALS!   You are here: Home » News Detail

15th August 2014

ALS Vans with Aquamatic Samplers ALS Van fitted out with Aquamatic Samplers

Aquamatic Ltd, leading manufacturer of automatic wastewater sampling equipment, have supplied environmental services group ALS with a brand new fleet of temperature controlled Portable Wastewater Samplers. The equipment will be used by ALS as part of a major water company framework contract providing effluent sampling services. The Aquacell P2-COOLBOX units provided under this contract incorporated a number of special features, which further enhanced their usability and effectiveness for the purposes of the ALS framework.

As with every model in the current Aquamatic range, the Aquacell P2-COOLBOX is MCERTs approved. Additionally each model in the range features the unique Aquacell Sampling Module, a wide-bore vacuum pump sampling system designed to reliably collect truly representative samples of the source effluent. Being portable, units can be moved easily between sites, collecting composite samples and storing them in an insulated, temperature controlled housing.

Aquamatic worked with ALS to incorporate a number of special features, further enhancing the standard P2-COOLBOX for the specific purposes of the contract. These features helped simplify installation and provided ALS with an easy access record of maintenance and service activities for each Sampler. The Sample Chamber Top was modified to provide ALS with a fixed, pre-calibrated sample volume for each unit, thus reducing the time spent deploying the samplers and further simplifying the sample volume repeatability.

The P2-COOLBOX units were also supplied to ALS equipped with Data Connections to capture logged information including sampling events and sample temperature profiles. The whole fleet of new samplers are maintained annually by Aquamatic at the ALS sites under a comprehensive ‘All Cover’ maintenance contract.

As Greg Hopkins, Field Services Manager of ALS, put it, ‘We have had many years of experience working with Aquamatic, we know their equipment is more than capable of standing up to the rigours of being moved around and sampling on a number of sites. We have an excellent working relationship with the team at Aquamatic and so we were able to communicate directly with their technical team to specify exactly what we needed for the purposes of this project’.

ALS Wastewater Sampler Service Card ALS Wastewater Sampler Service Card
ALS Vans Ready to go Sampling ALS Vans Ready to go Sampling
ALS Sampler Fixed Volume ALS Sampler Fixed Volume